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How to Apply For DOT OSP License in India

What is an OSP?

OSP is most often referred by non abbreviated term, the Other Service Providers. It is a form of company that partakes in providing application services. The term “Application Services” mean services like the following:

1. Tele banking.

2. Tele medicine.

3. Tele-education.

4. E-Commerce.

5. Cal centre.

6. BPOs.

7. Network operation centers.

8. Other IT enabled services.

An OSP centre is an Infrastructure that is used by the OSP for providing the Application services. There are two kinds of OSPs, the “Domestic OSP” and the “International OSP”:

1. The Domestic OSP provides the application services within the confines of a nation


2. The International OSP provides the same kind of services on an international scale.

Apply For DOT OSP License
Apply For DOT OSP License

What is OSP Registration?

OSP registration is a form of Authorization provides to the OSP centers to provide Application services. In order to be eligible for this form of Registration, the applicants needs to be a company that is registered under The Companies Act, 1956. The application to obtain the OSP registration is pre-defined by the authority (Department of Telecommunication). However, as time passes, the way of the Performa changes as well.


Documents Required for OSP registration

  • COI: The Certificate of Incorporation that has been issued by the Registrar of Companies under the Companies Act.
  • MOA and the AOA: Memorandum and Articles of Association that respectively explain the objectives and the rights and limitations of the company.
  • Nature of the Business: The activities that the OSP is proposing to be partaking in. This note needs to be certifies by the Director of the company or the Chartered Accountant or any public notary.
  • List of the Directors of the company: This provides the information about the shareholders and directors of the company.
  • Shareholding pattern of the company: This documents indicates the equity details of the company
  • Processing fee and application form: A proper processing fee of Rs 1000 that is to be submitted alongside the application for OSP registration. This fee can either be paid online or through a Demand draft.

One thing that you must remember is that every document that has been specified here has to be certified with a seal from the company secretary, Chartered accountant, director of the company or a public notary.

It is possible for a company to have access to more than one registration (OSP registration is location based). Furthermore, if there is a change in the POP of the OSP than its responsibility is to tell the DOT that there is a change going on. The other features of OSP registration are as follows:

1. It is valid for up to 20 years

2. It can be extended

3. If there is a change in the address or the name of the OSP, the authority needs to be informed about it.


Terms and conditions of OSP Operation

1. The OSP should only choose taking the telecom resources for authorized service providers.


2. In order to provide the resources to the OSP, the authorized telecom service provider is first going to examine the network diagram first. Only after a proper analysis of the diagram and deeming it viable, the telecom service provider shall approve it. The OSP has to take this approval to the VTM cells for verification and records.

3. OSP can have internet connectivity. The Condition being the internet service provider should be authorized.


4. OSP is allowed to share the telecom bandwidth with the other departments or activities within the same company or the same group of companies.

How to apply to obtain OSP License

  • Do you want to start a call center or BPO?
  • Are you looking for an OSP License for your company?
  • Are you unaware of the registration process?

If you are dealing with the above questions, please get in touch with dotospregistrastion. We are authorized registration service providers who are going to assist you through the registration process.


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